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Ruben Ubiera: Bricks

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Ruben Ubiera: Hitting the bricks

Ubiera says The Community, his series of installations, has been approved by the city’s Arts and Culture Advisory Board but that he’s still awaiting word on locations. “It’s up to the city to decide,” the Miami artist says. “It is my first public project and I want to move it to the city of Miami, Boca, anyplace that wants it. After all, it’s regular red clay bricks, made to build. Legos for adults, I call it.”


Because the installations will be site-specific, sizes will vary. “All four sides have faces,” he notes. “But I try to keep a contrast: Old man on one side, kid on opposite, cop, young black American …”

Asked how he came up with the idea, Ubiera explained: “When I moved to New York City —The Bronx — I was touched by the brick buildings. As I looked to found objects to find my latest directions, I saw a red brick, held it in my hand and realized it looked like a miniature building. The concept grew from there.”


“I believe The Community touches part of my past and part of everyone’s future,” he concludes. “A building cannot be raised without a strong foundation, neither can a community. Brick by brick, everyone equally important. Stroke by stroke. Let me shape my surroundings instead of my surroundings shaping me. “ - Keep Reading