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Knesset Music Video by Pelicruise

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David Marin is a Media Artist and Producer who creates specialized content for music, art and commercials. Contributing to ongoing projects and creating from scratch has led him to various roles both in music as well as film production. With his unparalleled determination, stamina and artistic taste, he has excelled in directing, music composition, video editing and performing. 

While formally in school for music and film from 2004-2009, he worked as an artist assistant in Miami’s Wynwood district, performed in various sound-art performances, was a session musician and worked as a production assistant for E! Television. 

As a graduate from University of Miami’s Film and Music program, he moved to Phx, AZ, where he helped launch and open the Musical Instrument Museum from 2009-2011. As their video editor, he processed more than 6 hours of video content from around the world for over 250 exhibits in preparation for April 2010's opening. Since then, he has forged his video production skills while shooting abroad on sponsored projects as well as micro-docs, shorts and web-spots for the Museum. David continues to produce and edit media for the MIM, as well as independently from his home in Miami, Fl.

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"Bitter Hearts"

Pretty rad video shot and directed by David Marin from Pelicruise 

Pretty rad video shot and directed by David Marin from Pelicruise