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Kaytsuyo Aoki

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Katsuyo Aoki’s delicate porcelain works on display, including Predictive dream IX and Trolldom, combine both decorative patterns and paints of blue and purple baked on parts of the white porcelain, creating a smeared-like appearance. Presented in an entirely stark white room, the sculptural pieces which bear a mixture of traditional ornamentation decorum of symmetry together with fantastical depictions of other-worldly creatures and skulls, draw viewers into an enclosure befitting a religious and mythical experience. Aoki creates these works based on what she terms her “inner shadow” of imagination and fantasies, and strives to convey both a sense of strength and fragility to parallel the nature of human societies anchored on the advance of technology and progress, while remaining fractious and imperfect.

"Predictive dream Ⅸ", 2009, Private collection, Courtesy of Röntogenwerke