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Surreal 3D Buildings by Victor Enrich

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Surreal 3D Architectural

Amazing illustrations by Victor Enrich. Could you imagine driving and coming across one of these? Wow


This is the Shalom Tower…On the sides we find a vertical strip of windows that honestly, for me, look like the zip that I always wanted to tear down in order to see what’s hidden inside.

The Opera Tower…militarization, tends to be a forgotten concept in the city of Tel Aviv, who apparently lives outside what’s happening a few miles away. It is known as the Tel Aviv bubble, where everything is wonderful and ideal. It is worth to remind people of this wonderful city, that the conflict is still alive and that it is exactly in Tel Aviv where some of the most controversial decisions are taken.

This tower…has always caught my attention…its square shape reminds me more of a bandonion to an accordion, which is why this project has got the name of “Tango”.