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Deck Chair by Bernhard-Burkard

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This deck chair is attractive in its simplicity. In combination with the environment it serve its purpose as a deck chair. To achive best stability, it needs to be leaned against walls or rails in a flat angle. The anti-slip coated stand provides safe grip on every surface. Even though it looks dangerous it provides comfort seating and relaxing in every occasion.


curt | deck chair


About the Studio:


The Swiss design studio BERNHARD | BURKARD was established in 2010 by Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard.

During their time together as students they soon realized the potential that derives from the synergy of their individual skills and approaches to design. Their comprehensive experience and excellent network enables BERNHARD | BURKARD to accomplish a project from conception and formal elaboration to technical realization. Their focus lies on both innovative and creative solutions that are at the same time highly esthetic and an appropriate resource management. Design starts with a call for change. Besides technical skills it needs curiosity and the will to face the world with open eyes. Beyond styling and optical dressing contemporary design, as a process for products and communication, can generate the additional benefit that leads to sustainable success for all users.
Before setting up their studio Fabian was working as creative director at capartis AG. Thomas used to work for the well known designer Michael Young in Hong Kong.