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How to grill pizza

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The best home made pizza EVER!!!

My cousin David saw this on TV, heard it from a friend or whatever but he had this idea of making pizza on the grill. At first I just pictured a pizza that substituted tomato with BBQ sauce. When he explained it I was like “Shit that’s awesome!”

So the idea is simple, make a pizza on the grill.

PAM Cooking Spray
Tomato Sauce
Good Glorious Cheese

Tip. Just head to the bakery section in your supermarket and ask them for some raw dough. I'll save you the hassle and cost like 70 cent.

So this is how it went down

  1. First he played pizza guy and threw the dough up in the air, rolled out the dough into a crappie circle and headed outside.

  2. PAMed that sucker up. I guess if you want to be Mr. Italian he could have used some authentic extra virgin olive oil but this is America...

  3. Usually pizza recipes tell you to knead out the air from the dough but we actually found the bubbles to make the pizza taste better. Later on when making another and kneaded the hell out of the dough it didn't taste as awesome. 

  4. When he flipped over the dough it looked like a enormous pita bread! 

  5. Then the tomato sauce and cheese was added. Close the grill and wait for about 3 mins or til the cheese looks perfect.

Hands down the best pizza made at home, the crust was perfect! The holy grail in pizza making: Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. It was pizza heaven! Just check out the pictures, they speak for themselves!

Give it a try and let me know what you guys think!