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David Hochbaum-2

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David Hochbaum

avid Hochbaum has never been a man to follow any popular, idealistic political views. David Hochbaum has never been a man to believe in any institutional faiths or religions. David has never been a boy to fit in the crowd or be "one of the boys". Yet his works evoke both a social and spiritual emotion that is universal.

    David Hochbaum's art is the construction of paintings built on photographs and images that are not only the contemplation of human behavior, but also a reaction to history, astronomy, sex, and iconoclastic symbols. While maintaining dialogue with his own behavior, each picture produces a vision from his private world bound to elements and symbols. 

New York, NY

His first NYC show in 5 years is next month

January 8 through February 5, 2012 at

Munch Gallery

245 Broome Street (at Ludlow St.)

New York, NY 10002

212.228.1600 / 646.209.5457

David will be showing a selection from a series of large format 

Polaroids taken in his studio. And this show also includes a large installation of plaster ships! (I am so there!) 


David Hochbaum-1

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David Hochbaum’s  怪談集"KAIDAN ShU" 


David Hochbaum (NY, USA) presented 

 KAIDAN SHU; Tales of mist and wind" at 

 Strychnin Gallery this June 2011 in Berlin. 


   I wanted to post his paintings and share his artwork in my blog, and I also have a personal attachment. I collaborated with him as a Japanese brush calligrapher in his obake project that he spent over a year producing. 

   It is teeming with ghosts, spirits and demons. All the myths, obake, and horror I have loved for so long. He resided in Japan for a while and worked with our beautiful Japanese girl friends who weren't afraid of being models, depicted as a scary fricken ghosts that might make viewers feel haunted. These ladies almost really broke their legs.

   His world is absolutely magnificent and divine. I believe that this series will be maintained and talked about over the centuries. Timing wise, they were shown a little after the Tohoku earthquake Tsunami disaster in Japan 2011. And he charitied a fundraiser for the victims in Japan.

title: Consumption

title: Kill the Messanger

title: Retuen (Tori Onna)

title: Without You, I am Lost

To Purchse this Box Set, Please contact 


3 book box set of David Hochbaum's world. 

1 of them is "Kaidan Shu". Others are from his signature masterpieces til now. 

more images from 'Kaidan Shu'

Kris Kuksi Art

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Kris Kuksi 

Born March 2, 1973, in Missouri 

for more: kuksi.com

title: Hercules vs. Diana

Steve Jobs Street Art

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Steve Jobs Street Art

Clever optical use of a vertical-rail fence for some sliced-up wheat-paste street art images of the late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs in NoHo, in downtown New York City.

There are two images of Jobs here: One when he was young and one more recent, when he was older. Depending on which direction your headed on the street and your position you can see one of the two photos which become visible as you walk along the sidewalk.

<update>I am pretty sure this is thier you tube video.


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is anonymous

at the studio

on the street














   It has been about a month since I sent him a Facebook friend request and became "friend". I am fascinated by street art in general lately, but when I saw the images posted in his Facebook "CLANDESTINE CULTURE", I saw what I been longing to see for quite some time. Following his street activity admirering his artworks became my obsession and I don't know how to articulate the reason why I am so attracted to his works in a emotional level.  Images he creates have a minimum amount of colors, so they have a strong visual impact. His bitmap skill is superb.  The font he uses is always clean and dynamically simple. His model choices are always quite tasteful. 


It seems to me that CLANDESTINE CULTURE is a challenging street art project must be uncommissioned in order to NOT to be controlled by anyone, any instutution, any authority. and on top of that, he has got this location risk: Miami Wynwood district, and the challenging size (his large poster to be 8ft-11ft tall),  most parts are hand painted by him.


Follow his updates on Facebook  Facebook 2

 the documentation of his activities as he updates in Facebook, Livestream and other social media network tools, using photos and videos shows the beginning of his craft making to the finished artwork. He always go back to the street location where he has worked and documents the scene, and shares it with us. Sometimes his artwork is ripped down within 24 hours.- see the left hands side for one of the most recent work he has put on a Wynwood wall. This is quite a ride if you start to follow his activity and share the thrill and feel his adrenalin rushes.

streets of Art Basel Miami Beach

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art basel Miami beach

December 1 - 4, 2011. 
is one of the most important art show in the USA, a cultural and social highlight for the Americas.

More than 260 leading galleries from North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa will take part, showcasing works by more than 2,000 artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.


Wynwood Art District is the area of concentration of galleries, and it's getting HOT and HOTTER lately.

  yes, both inside = gallery  &  outside = street.

ok...so....This is  how the WYNWOOD street look like now!!!


all images via: Warholian.com

Mario Bros.

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It's time for Mario. Enjoy.

Mario Bros.

(マリオブラザーズ Mario Burazāzu)

the arcade game published and developed by Nintendo in 1983.  Mario Bros. was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and Gunpei Yokoi, two of the lead developers for the video game Donkey Kong.

 Mario Bros. features two plumbers, Mario and Luigi, having to investigate the sewers of New York after strange creatures have been appearing down there.  

       I happend to find these 3 Mario Brothers related videos in the same day! They gave me flashbacks of the good old time of the early video arcade era in Tokyo where My dad took me to a game arcade in Tokyo Tower

At the time, Mario Bros looked totally westernized to me,  I never knew that they were made by Japanese developers. (did you know?) and now I realize that maybe they could be Italian immigrant New Yorkers?

       You can play updated Mario games with Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS & DS. Mario Bros.


comments welcome in my twitter account. ty.


Noah's Ark Capsule via Japan

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TheGreat Flood is a mythical and religious story of a great flood sent by god or gods to destroy civilization as an act of divine retribution. The story has been told throughout human history, though it is perhaps best known in modern times in both the Bible and Koran, in the account of Noah's Ark. Although civilization appears to have survived earth's complete destruction in these tales,  when natural disasters really happen, a whole country like Japan can be devastated. 


 After witnessing the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on March 3rd, 2011 that devastated Japan’s northern coast and left nearly 20,000 people dead or missing, what can one do to protect themselves and loved ones from a water based catastrophe? A Japanese company called COSMO has developed a miniature version of Noah’s ark- a floating capsule that looks like a huge tennis ball. The “Noah” shelter is made from enhanced fiberglass and could save users from disasters. They are getting orders now worldwide, their first capsule in the US will be shipped to NYC a week from now and will be auctioned at the"Design Saves Lives" charity event hosted by a non profit organization for Japan tsunami relief. This capsule will be displayed at the MAD museum in December, right before the auction event on 12/7/2011.

           Design Saves Lives Facebook page


Noah's Ark 2011

Disaster Capsule

note: this video was shot in March 2011

massive JR Paris exhibition

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This is JR paris

The artist JR's Paris Exhibition atGALERIE PERROTIN

opening reception with Massive Attack live set.

The livestream of the reception night  was on

11/19/11. You can still catch the video atwww.perrotin.com


 In a jam packed gallery, the attendees were in for a treats discovering JR's new show that took over both floors of Perrotin's beautiful space.

This giant show brings together many of JR's previous projects like Women are Heroes, Wrinkles in the City or works from his travels in India, Africa...For JR's return to his home country this was a superb show which is well worth seeing by yourself if you stop by Paris.    via:streetartnews.net

 "Massive Attack" live performance

Rie IS crazy about fashion

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Introducing a Japanese fashionista living in Tokyo. She has her own unique style: mixing high-end designers + club fashion + cos play + street wear,  done in her very own way. Does she really walk down the street like this?  The answer is YES!  Because that's why she lives on this planet. BRAVO! to her fashion. This is her new blog.  It's actually pretty entertaining for all style watchers.    Rie crazy about fashion