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I heart Mark Jenkins

Posted 2012-01-10 18:41:13 | Views: 9,698


I confess-


I am completely obsessed with Mark Jenkins's art.


I am having a major art-crush, but a huge one, like a junior high all over again type of crush....


I am digging his darkness, the cutting edge humor and cleverness, they are all spot on, like "are you a magician"?  

Shamefully enough, I have not seen any of these in person yet but his installation art seems to travel internationally.  As I have seen in pictures and video, they are brilliantly harmonized with their surroundings and scenery which is an important factor when creating great street art moments. 


Some images are visually shocking, but they have such a raw attraction to a human being like me who recognizes own fault and guilts. while I was going through image archives, he was in charge of controlling my heartwarming and heart breaking switches, and as a result, he gave me such a emotional fun ride!

 I think I am crazy about Mark Jenkins's art in my very own way. 

mark jenkins  &

renowned tape sculpture and street installations


Tapeman "VIMEO"

short documentary

Storker project

(famous tape babies!)

Sandra Fernandez




Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Martinsburg, WV

Martinsburg, WV



                                                MARK JENKINS

-street artist-


Abbey Road with PEANUTS

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SNOOPY 3D street paint


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KAWS- NY based Aritst who used to write graffiti and busting ads.

#2 in The Most Important Artists


W E    L O V E

Brian Donnelly (born 1974 in Jersey City, New Jersey), professionally known as KAWS, is a New York-based artist and designer of limited edition toys and clothing. 


He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York (YEAY!!! my local!)


Posted 2011-12-25 20:15:14 | Views: 9,214

NEOZOON   Paris, France

Street Installation Artists crew

NEOZOON is a collective of female street artists that use re-porposed fur materials and create wall art.    


What do these image do to you?   When I saw these images in my Fb friend's wall, I started to automatically re-connect to the Universal Intelligence that is usually hidden below my conciousness during my daily life in the city. I took some time picturing the scene of animals were living wild in nature before human civilization a long long time ago. Ecologically it was a perfect world......       This fur belonged to living creatures once, then used for human adornment and now it almost looks like they are back to life again with the brilliant touch of the NEOZOON's visions, collaborating with urban elements. This is one of my favorite street art moments of all time.



cool gear

Posted 2011-12-19 12:08:43 | Views: 9,770

Do you want to swim like a dolphin?

Do you love Dolphins?

check the updates of "the Cove" in FB about dolphin slaughtering in my country, Japan. It's disturbing, but imporatant things to know.

thank to Renee for sharing this "cool gear" video in Fb. 

product name: JETLEV $128,000

German Company MS watersports

website: www.jetlev.com 

product name: Flyboard $6,600~

French Jetski company: ZAPATA Racing

website: www.zapata-racing.com

This is another mind blowing piece of gear that I needed to post. As it says, "Flying Dolphin Water Jet Pack"

I am updating this post at 1/13/2012 now. 

There are at least 2 companies already developed similer water jet pack products. I've seen the you tube video in Dec. 2011 the one built by water sports enthusiast Franky Zapata, from Marseille, France.

And this year, I found the higher end of jetpack, built by German company called MS watersports.  

They are so great that not only will you be able to swim like a dolphin, but also you'll be flying like Astro Boy!!

This is dream gear for someone who's been wanting to swim and jump like a dolphin.  you can watch the promotion videos and compare the products. 

3D Street Art

Posted 2011-12-16 12:39:48 | Views: 10,932

By Tracy Lee Stum


Visual Artist, born in Pennsylvania

“ I’m a street painter – I draw things with chalk pastels on pavement; streets, plazas or sidewalks in urban public areas. I have a passion for manipulating 2D surfaces to reveal an unlikely alternative in 3D, typically designing and creating interactive images which invite the viewer to become part of my imagined world. As a result, communicating through this manner of direct participation has certainly become the keystone of my philosophy on being a visual artist.

 -Tracy Lee Stum

Street painting :aka Madonnari (Italian) WIKIPEDIA

actually has been recorded throughout Europe since the 16th century. Tracy Lee Stum is a American Street Painter, who is recognized as one of the most talented 3D chalk artist/painter internationally. Her imagination world she creates are just STUNNING!! 

If you happened to see her work in person, consider yourself lucky. just saying...

HONGKIAT.COM-for more Stunning Street Paintings,

Double click to add text

When you double click this text box you can change the text, style, color and fonts.

thanks to 'Raze013' for showing me her works.


Olek needs your help

Posted 2011-12-15 05:21:47 | Views: 10,569

Crocheting NY-based Artist Olek Facing Charges, stuck in London!

   December 11, the NY artist, Olek sent out a Facebook message to a few friends, claiming that she will spend the holiday season “fighting for her freedom” in London, and directing them to the web site Olek’s Appeal for further details. We might think that it's about Yarn Bombing, but this is definitely not that case. 
 the source said Olek was involved in an incident with a drunk and aggressive male who behaved reprehensibly. And Olek insisted, “I am not guilty and I want to fight the charges.” In response to her charges she noted, “I didn’t know it could be so drastic.” Because she needs to fight the charges properly in court, she's not revealing many details about her case. 

    Olek now must remain in London and will return to court on December 22, after which she may be able to speak more openly about the case. In the meantime the artist is preparing for her show at Tony’s Gallery in London scheduled to open on January 26 (updated date),'12. Olek is asking for donations to help pay her mounting lawyer bills. you can donate to the artist though this web site- Olek’s Appeal by purchasing photographs of her crocheted creations.  source: HYPERALLERGIC

Note: Olek sent me a quick note in Fb when I was posting my "Yarn bombing" topic. She let me know that she is not associated with "illegal" bombing activity. While she denies being a yarn bomber, it still seems to me that these installations are unauthorized. Maybe the reason she is not busted in NYC is because the city and the people love her art so much, so the authorities pretend to close they eyes or look the other way. You can see an example of this in the      youtube video of her well known work,
"Wall Street Bull" -NY times article on May 2011

::::::::::::Olek's Appeal:::::::::::

thanks to 'Raze 013' for showing me her works.

The sickest!! knitter I have ever seen... for more


Posted 2011-12-13 00:32:58 | Views: 10,859


by eyesaw.  -  london, UK





Beware of fishing scams

     click this --->>>WHY?

You've been working on this unauthorized street project this year of 2011,

Targeting prime advertisement spaces like these bus stops,

Replacing the major ads to your bold and strong images you created that can be also controversial.

What is your thought, and 

eyesaw.    WHY

NOTE: This You tube video was uploaded on Feb 2011

great  concept   a r t

What is the concept?

Yarn Bombing

Posted 2011-12-12 17:42:28 | Views: 10,149

AKA: guerrilla knitting, or graffiti knitting

examples have been recorded as early as May 2004 in Den Helder,  Netherlands. In the U.S.,  But the movement was created in Texas knitters in 2005 used their leftover and unfinished knitting projects,  but it has since spread worldwide. -  wikipedia

Knitters turn to graffiti artists 



thanks to  'Generation WTF' in fb for the resourcesharing of all sorts.

 I love my town look like this!!!!

Yarn Bombing may last for years, they are considered non-permanent, and, unlike graffiti, can be easily removed if necessary. Nonetheless, the practice is still technically illegal, though it is not often prosecuted vigorously. 

I'd love my town to look
like this! Yarn Bombing
may last a little longer than the usual bombing materials, but they are considered
non-permanent, and unlike graffiti, it can be easily removed. Nonetheless, the practice is still technically vandalism, but its not often prosecuted vigorously.
I know a few people who've seen it in Brooklyn and Long Beach CA. 
images via google.

BBC news you tube about London Bombing

Yarn Bombing Facebook Page

Bleached Out Barbie Doll

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Bleached-Out Barbie DOLL (s)?

Barbie Doll images via:http://bleachlondon.co.uk/

I love my funky little 



work it!!


it's like,