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Typoe - Street Artist

Posted 2011-03-06 19:16:54 | Views: 9,008

typoe: Confetti death

“Cast between worlds of opposing values, at once an anonymous prestidigitator and high-ranking glitterati, TYPOE straddles an unseen fence. His handiwork, which swaths billboards, public arenas, and buildings literally rotting with neglect, has expanded from the crumbling edifice of a cultural misnomer into the social spotlight. By nature a commenter, a heckler, his self-referential styling’s are violent and poetic in equal measure. ”  Via: CoolHunting

Kenny Scharf Mural

Posted 2011-03-06 17:45:39 | Views: 9,642


I've been following what Kenny Scharf has been doing for years. Pretty much since I was in highschool. Check out his mural in Soho. I never before seen these clips before, Andy Warhol interviews Scharf. Pretty sweet. Enjoy.