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The Surface Merchants

Posted 2011-06-03 15:37:55 | Views: 17,255

The Surface Merchants are Alex Yanes, Daniel Fila & Raymond Adrian working as a collective. 

the surface merchants:



Popularity or not, the newly formed Surface Merchants are one of most crafted, imaginative collective art groups from Miami, point blank.  My favorite collective group is Gurrea de la Paz but The Merchants are a close second! If you disagree, you might be on a bandwagon of some sort and need a new pair of glasses. They don’t hire people to build their work. This trio have a certain rhythm that works very well and should be exciting to see what the future holds for them.

Julien Vallee: Spray Can

Posted 2011-06-03 13:32:23 | Views: 15,479

julien vallee: spray can

Berlin, 2008. Paper sculpture created for the main exhibition of Illustrative Zürich festival 2008.

Via: JVallee

Lo Castro and Rocky Grimes: Mural Colabo

Posted 2011-05-26 19:54:32 | Views: 13,842

 lo castro and rocky grimes:



 If any of you happen to be in the Wynwood area in Miami anytime soon make sure to check out this mural by Francesco Lo Castro and Rocky Grimes. It can be viewed at The Workshop, 171 NW 23 Street, Miami, FL





Freegums - "IN-BETWEEN."

Posted 2011-05-19 19:54:19 | Views: 16,832

Alvaro Ilazarbe



"For this show I explored space, patterns, and the energy that lies in-between. I painted black and white patterns on amorphous wooden pieces which hang on an identically patterned wallpaper. The wood paintings' swirling lines blended into the background, becoming one with the environment. Contrasting line work created a visual vibration causing tension within the space. Through this I wanted the viewer to be aware of the spatial energy that lies between oneself and the object" - Freegums

Narwhal Art Projects presents IN-BETWEEN, a solo exhibition with Miami artist Alvaro Ilazarbe/Freegums.

Opening Reception was held on:
Friday May 13 from 7-10pm
Exhibition Dates: May 13-June 12

Chad Wys: Deconstruction

Posted 2011-05-16 15:30:00 | Views: 16,918



These are great, although I would appreciate it more if he painted these works himself in the traditional manner. But, that’s just me. Enjoy!

                            Via: Chad Wys

Jose Parla (1-2-1 with Jeff Staple Series)

Posted 2011-04-25 15:23:28 | Views: 13,017

This is the eighth installment in the "1-2-1 w/jeffstaple" Series. Each segment, jeffstaple, Founder and Creative Director of Staple Design & Reed Space, talks to someone one-to-one. Direct. Intimate. No BS.

For this segment, Jeff talks to Jose Campbell about his childhood, his school life and his recent work. This video was produced in conjunction with letsredu.com.



Revok arrested in LA.

Posted 2011-04-25 13:23:12 | Views: 12,825


Art in the Streets exhibit at publicly funded museum MOCA has lines stretching for city blocks and the approval of the media worldwide. Thousands of kids have already been to the museum and been inspired by the art they see, something that would normally be considered a good thing. Today Los Angeles’ art community got a message that not everyone sees it that way.


Using high profile tactics usually reserved for international criminals accused of smuggling drugs or murder-for-hire, the artist REVOK was arrested by sheriff’s deputies Thursday morning as he prepared to board a plane to Ireland at Los Angeles International Airport.


The arrest is nothing new for REVOK or for other graffiti artists, but the timing of Easter Sunday and tactics used are clearly designed as a counter blow to the Art in the Streets exhibit which prominently features REVOK’s art.


“We take graffiti vandalism very seriously, said Lieutenant Vince Carter, Sheriff’s Metro Transit Services Bureau. “Criminal graffiti vandals who insist on damaging other people’s property are going to jail and need to pay to fix the damage they caused.” The MTSB offers a “Most Wanted Taggers” section that does not mention REVOK, further evidence that this arrest is all about publicity.

The bail for this “dangerous criminal”, who is widely considered one of the world’s best graffiti artists, is an insane $320,000. Let’s compare that to some recent cases:


Child Molestor: $150,000
Leaving a Baby in a 115 degree car: $100,000
Ripping off an Entire City: $100,000

Banksy's "Stain Glass Window"

Posted 2011-04-24 17:21:23 | Views: 15,002





As the very first major U.S. museum exhibition of graffiti and street art, MOCA presented the media preview of Art in the Streets, an epic visual feast you must experience for yourself! Tracing the development of graffiti and street art from the '70s to where it is today, MOCA pulled out all the stops - educating us on the rich history, entertaining us with their "shows within a show" (live skateboarding, a re-creation of an urban street, etc) and inspiring us to find the artist within ourselves.

Of course, the highlight of it all is seeing the art we've featured over and over again on My Modern Met, up close and personal. Though the MOCA is filled will incredible art and photos around every corner, we couldn't help but spend a large portion of our time hanging out around original works by our favorites - Banksy and Brazilian duo Os Gemeos.

Museum in Ruins

Posted 2011-04-19 21:47:23 | Views: 13,518

The Museum of Contemporary Arts of Elvas (MACE), Portugal, recently invited several artists to take part on the exhibition “Museum in ruins”.

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils and ±MaisMenos are two of the selected artists to be part of the collection of António Cachola.



Source: Design-Zine

ZOO: Revolutionary Tunisian Art

Posted 2011-04-16 15:51:36 | Views: 13,985

As the history books will state, after more than two decades of authoritarian rule, the people of Tunisia had enough and collectively revolted. Successfully overthrowing the government, they now find themselves in the process of establishing a democratic society.

Algerian French street artist ZOO Project wanted to be at the epicenter of the historic movement. To celebrate the revolution, he placed hundreds of life-size figurines around the city. They represent the brave, ordinary people who risked it all to make it happen, particularly the 200+ people that lost their lives.


The Tunisian Revolution 

Art in The Streets at MOCA L.A.

Posted 2011-04-13 15:49:08 | Views: 13,270

Art in the Streets is the first major U.S. museum survey of graffiti and street art. Curated by MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch and Associate Curators Roger Gastman and Aaron Rose, the exhibition will trace the development of graffiti and street art from the 1970s to the global movement it has become today, concentrating on key cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and Sao Paulo, where a unique visual language or attitude has evolved. The exhibition will feature paintings, mixed media sculptures, and interactive installations by 50 of the most dynamic artists and will emphasize Los Angeles's role in the evolution of graffiti and street art, with special sections dedicated to seminal local movements such as cholo graffiti and Dogtown skateboard culture. A comprehensive timeline illustrated with artwork, photos, video, and ephemera will provide a historical context for the work.


Art in the Streets is made possible by The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation.


This exhibition is generously supported by the Sydney Irmas Exhibition Endowment.


Major support is provided by Levi's. Additional support is provided by Mandy and Cliff Einstein, Nike SB, MOCA Contemporaries, Janet and Tony Goldman, MOCA Partners, Montana Colors, and Greg Escalante.


In-kind media support is provided by Ovation, Los Angeles magazine, and KCRW 89.9 FM.

Saturday in the Streets is presented by Ovation.




This is huge! If you are in L.A. you must attend this. Major hats off to the ones that are showing in this history in the making exhibit. This will change everything.

If your important you will be here.

Members' Opening
Art in the Streets

04.16.11 7:00 PM
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Iain Macarthur's Masked Illustrations

Posted 2011-03-30 23:53:19 | Views: 19,803


MaCarthur's illustration work is amazing. He does a lot of album covers for bands and artist's. His various styles and methods should not be overlooked. If I was in a band and I had an LP coming out I would reach out to this guy for sure!

Here's a link to more of his work. You will be looking at all his projects for a while. Trust me!

Escif Wall Stories

Posted 2011-03-30 08:05:48 | Views: 22,050

escif: street narratives

These wall works by Escif are filled with a graceful and simplified approach that is moving and refreshing. You can tell this street artist lives true to his voice. This is his visual language and lifestyle. The pieces on the older walls are the most pleasant to the eye. Learn more about this street poet at his FLICKR page.

Tetsuya Ishida

Posted 2011-03-23 15:39:19 | Views: 14,091

tetsuya ishida: Dark Surreal Realities

I Just recently discovered the works of Japanese artist Tetsuya Ishida. He died very young after being hit by a train, from a possible suicide but nobody is really sure. Tetsuya painted scenes of ordinary life in Japan. He would alter figures to look like machinery or treated as part of a production line. He gave his painted people the sense of being overworked like cattle or like robots.


It appears his work will get more awareness then when he lived. On November 26th 2006 – one of his paintings, Untitled" 2001, sold at a Christies Hong Kong "Asian Contemporary Art" auction for 780,000HKD (over USD $100,000). The Christie's pre-auction estimate on the sale price of the painting was only 60,000-80,000HKD.

1973 - 2005

Zander Blom and his Scene

Posted 2011-03-15 13:12:34 | Views: 13,837

zander blom: scene

Outrageous interior installations of metal, punk culture with a slice of demonic expressionism.

Zander Blom is a Johannesburg-based artist who utilizes painting, drawing, assemblage sculpture, and, crucially, photography, to interrogate received ideas about creative endeavour and Modernism in Africa.

View more works: Rooke Gallery