Downing Street to Brompton Road

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10 Downing Street and London Fashion week are two of the many best of British rarely associated with one and other. One a  man's world where a white shirt, black tie and ill-fitted suit to match dominate the politically inspired House of Commons Catwalk, the other inspirationally erratic, ever changing and all powerful, an industry worth billions filled with some of the worlds most creative and iconic individuals. 

Ironically the pair have more in common than initially identified outside of individual stereotyping. Both attempting to sell to the consumer, be it a political policy or 8" bondage inspired leather wedge, one looking to gain the vote the other a sale. Two cut throat, dog eat dog industries renowned for foul play and dirty dealings, every good designer like every good politician  must practice what they preach, personal brand belief leads directly to outside brand recognition, a household name, a following. From Barack Obama to Balenciaga, from Prime Minister to Supermodel these people are hitting headlines for the good, the bad and the damn right ugly! All eyes are on those in front of the camera and behind the scenes, breathlessly waiting for that all important rise and fall of the up and coming and established. 

Sarah Brown, known only to most as the woman behind that extraordinarily dull ex PM a few years back, was appointed Harrods newest non executive director today. The lady herself is responsible for the brands marketing and corporate social responsibility division and commented on her recent appointment saying, "I look forward to my return to business in joining the Harrods Group board and welcome the opportunity to work on the marketing and corporate social responsibility plans for this world-renowned British brand." 

Two quintessentially British names forming a union through the corporate world, one an iconic department store the other an uncharacteristic, washed up housewife with a lot to prove?  One thing's for sure knowing the difference between Dior and Dolce is no longer an essential when making it in the materialistically vain world of fashion, can any industry survive the commercial stereotype of the new age business woman?  

Could be worse, they could have appointed her Senior Buyer! 

Quintessentially British 



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