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Bart Simpson Fashion World

Posted 2012-03-25 19:33:06 | Views: 15,270

Bart Threads. 

Everything seems to look a little better when you add The Simpsons somewhere. Found this fabulous picture over at the New York blog - Art from Behind. Kathy Grayson runs the art world/life based blog and she is founder of The Hole gallery. 

Black Skull Blouse.

Posted 2012-03-23 22:37:26 | Views: 24,867




Skull blouse bought at the Fashion District in LA
H&M faux leather shorts (Similar style can be found here)
Shiek shoes c/o from 6 months back. I think they might be sold out already. :-(
Tory Burch bracelet (can be found here)
Aldo neon pink clutch (can be found here)
Karma necklace (can be found here)


Hassan Kinley Portrait of Valissa Yoe

Posted 2012-03-14 19:37:17 | Views: 17,067

Prada Eyes 

Photo by Hassan Kinley of Valissa Yoe with shoes from Prada. 

Ugly Fashion

Posted 2012-03-14 18:30:05 | Views: 19,332

"What a deformed thief this fashion is" 





William Shakespeare


























































































Barbara Kruger: Your Body Is A Battleground

Posted 2012-03-14 17:08:59 | Views: 18,692
























Barbara Kruger is one of my favorites. 

Marilyn Monroe's Photographer - Milton Greene

Posted 2012-03-13 13:53:41 | Views: 33,952

Marilyn Monroe

Milton H. Greene took some of the most beautiful photographs of Marilyn during their association from 1953 to 1957. He really did capture some of the most iconic photos of her. Apparently he took about 5,000 photos of the blonde vixen. Wow! 

Milton Greene

Greene first encountered Marilyn Monroe on assignment for Look Magazine. They quickly became close friends and ultimately formed their own film production company. Monroe lived with Greene and his family in their Connecticut farmhouse. During this period, Greene captured some of the most famous photographs taken of Monroe. During their four years together, Greene photographed Monroe in 52 photographic sessions, including the famous "Black Sitting".


How They Met...

Laura Allard-Fleischl Makes Love

Posted 2012-03-09 22:30:53 | Views: 16,591

Love <3

Laura Allard-Fleischl's photo work is amazing. I can't get enough. I just keep finding more and more gems. She also  has a great blog called Pony Hunter. Yay!

Via: Flickr

Quinta Witzel for Nylon (Mar. 2012)

Posted 2012-03-08 13:16:36 | Views: 15,609


By Justin Hollar for Nylon March 2012

Pink LadyQuinta Witzel sports pastel spring looks for Justin Hollar’s colorful images featured in Nylon’s March issue. Garbed in ladylike pieces from labels such as Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Chanel selected by stylist James Rosenthal, Quinta keeps a laid-back attitude with pink hair Martin-Christopher Harper and flawless makeup by Natasha Smee. / Manicurist by Kelly B

Libertine - Spring/Summer 2012

Posted 2012-02-06 00:18:57 | Views: 14,865
white, black, and a few other colours to design a collection owned by graphic prints: stripes, circles, graphs, flowers, and words combine together freely even on accessories. Many are also overlapped so that the layers of different fabrics, at times embellished by shimmery sequin appliqués, create the silhouette. Silk outfits, woolen cloth coats, and organza and tulle volumes attract attention thanks to their bold graphic designs and intense contemporariness

mini, midi, and maxi

white, black, ivory, butter, midnight blue, blood red

silk, satin, strass, chiffon, jersey, cotton, shantung, sequins, woolen cloth, lace, organza, tulle

tapered, hourglass, bell, flared, straight

printed gloves; fantasy platform ankle-boots; flat printed clutches; fantasy nylons and short socks; sandals with wedges in fantasy prints; rattan and patent leather trim; canvas shopper bags

by Barbara Sini

Libertine Spring Summer 2012 Ready-To-Wear collection

Source: Vogue

Hirst: Explains the Spot Paintings

Posted 2012-02-05 10:23:26 | Views: 112,794

A rhinestone-wearing Damien Hirst explains the theory and thought behind his infamous spot paintings in the latest short from filmmaker Matt Black. The legendary British artist, made famous by submerging mammals in formaldehyde and creating jaw-droppingly expensive jewel-encrusted skulls, has become one of the most prolific and lucrative names in contemporary art. The Complete Spot Paintings, 1986-2011, his series of 331 white canvasses imbued with rows of multicolored dots, are currently on display at all 11 of mega-gallerist Larry Gagosian’s sites around the globe. Manufactured largely by Hirst’s army of assistants, the paintings range in size and detail, with the most recent, completed in 2011, containing some 25,781 spots each 1mm in diameter; no single color is ever repeated on a canvas. Black first encountered Hirst’s hyper-symmetrical series in the mid 1990s, and found that his opinion on the works slowly developed from ambivalence to fascination. “When you are in a room full of them, they are overwhelming and disturbing; these dots staring at you creates a real sense of anxiety,” says Black. “His work always has an aggressiveness, and these are no exception.”

Damien Hirst: On the Spot





The Industrious Art Star Occupies Gagosian Galleries

Worldwide with His Complete Spot Paintings

Anne Vyalitsyna/Harri Peccinotti in Muse

Posted 2012-02-01 21:06:20 | Views: 20,140




in Muse

These stunning photos were taken by Harri Peccinotti for Muse Magazine, The Fashion Art Magazine. This striking model is no other then Anne Vyalitsyna and you can find her in the spread "Sun & Soda."  Is it hot in here or is it just me? 

I stole these great photos from the amazing blog I can't read much on that site but the visuals are amazing. They have some great scans from all of the magazines. Makes for good inspiriation. 



Artist Mike Kelley Dead by Apparent Suicide

Posted 2012-02-01 17:36:30 | Views: 14,560


Artist Mike Kelley has passed away at his home in Los Angeles, having apparently taken his own life. The tragic news was confirmed to BLOUIN ARTINFO by Helene Winer, of New York's Metro Pictures gallery, a long-time associate of the artist.

"It is totally shocking that someone would decide to do this, someone who has success and renown and options," said Winer. "It's extremely sad." She added that the artist had been depressed.


Kelley was born in 1954 in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. He became involved in the city's music scene as a teen, and while a student at the University of Michigan, formed the influential proto-punk band Destroy All Monsters with fellow artists Jim Shaw, Niagara, and Cary Loren (a retrospective devoted to Destroy All Monsters was held at L.A.'s Prism gallery last  year). Together, the band hatched a style of performance that skirted the edge of performance art.


After graduating college in 1976, he moved to Los Angeles to attend the California Institute of the Arts, studying alongside teachers like John Baldessari and Laurie Anderson. Music continued to be a constant passion: he formed another band, "Poetics," with fellow CalArts students John Miller and Tony Oursler. 

Kelley's career took off in the early 1990s, with solo shows at the Whitney, LACMA, and other international venues. He and Oursler organized a well-recived installation — a kind of monument to punk — at Documenta X in 1997. In the early 2000s, he began exhibiting with Gagosian Gallery after 20 years with Metro Pictures.


For his 2005 exhibition "Day is Done," Kelley filled Gagosian with found yearbook photos, video footage, and automated furniture, prompting New York Magazine critic Jerry Saltz to describe the show as an example of "clusterfuck aesthetics." More conventionally, he was associated with the notion of "abject art," highlighting the irrational and the repulsive.


Kelley's studio released a statement to the L.A. Times saying, "Mike was an irresistible force in contemporary art... We cannot believe he is gone. But we know his legacy will continue to touch and challenge anyone who crosses its path. We will miss him. We will keep him with us."


"Mike Kelley was as kind and generous a collaborator as I could possibly hope for," said curator Dan Nadel, who organized Prism's retrospective for "Destroy All Monsters." "I'm extremely grateful to have worked with him, and will be forever grateful to him for his patience and the education he gave me, perhaps without even realizing it. And, besides his remarkable genius, I'll always remember his rolling, infectious laughter, which was a pleasure to behold."

Legendary Artist Mike Kelley Dead

at 58, an Apparent Suicide
































































Aris Jerome Out of LA

Posted 2012-01-27 22:48:58 | Views: 19,745

Aris Jerome

photographer living and working in LA. You can check out more great photos and video right here.

Tania Shcheglova

Posted 2012-01-26 17:37:48 | Views: 17,923

Series: Synchrodogs

By: Tania Shcheglova


I love these, and I love how the background is added in. You can see the rest of the series here.

Brit Ekland

Posted 2012-01-22 23:33:51 | Views: 14,626