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Big rats take over a Taco Bell, KFC. No Joke

Posted 2011-03-14 00:17:30 | Views: 11,670

Big Rats in Taco Bell/KFC in NYC

Crazy footage of rats invested inside a New York Taco Bell/KFC. At least you know they use real meat….this location has since been closed down. I wonder why?

Big Karate Fail in NYC

Posted 2011-03-11 11:08:25 | Views: 11,460


Karate Chop fail in the city. You do know, you should practice before you do a demonstration in New York City? People will video it and thousands of people will see it if you fuck up. You know that right?

Dirty New York Food Vendors

Posted 2011-03-10 19:54:31 | Views: 11,496

Dirty New York

Food Vendors

This is so nasty. Good thing I never stop at any vendors even if I'm hungry. I've always had a funny feeling about them. But, I could never  get my finger on it (No point intended).  Next time you get a hot dog…it might have feet and ass bacteria. True New York Stank!!

New York is banning smoking in Time Square.

Posted 2011-03-07 06:37:25 | Views: 10,160

Smoking Ban in New York?

Is it becoming a Police State?…All I know is smoking is a nasty fucking habit. People should do it at home. Nobody wants to smell your steamy shit. Via: CNN

Using the bathroom in New York is tough

Posted 2011-03-06 23:04:31 | Views: 10,251

Where to pee in NYC?

It is always difficult to find a place to pee in the city. A lot of places don’t have bathrooms available for customers. Also a lot of places don’t let you use their restrooms if you aren’t buying anything. It becomes a pretty big challenge. This informative clip should help!

Check Cashing In...

Posted 2011-03-06 21:26:09 | Views: 10,122

Stay In Depth in Brooklyn

Never gets old. Oldie but goodie. Keep yourself in depth. Classic! Via: Internet Celebrities

Post office rats are no joke.

Posted 2011-03-06 18:51:44 | Views: 10,684

Post Office Rats Eating Threw Packages

This lady in Greenwich Village discovered her mail packages with holes in them. Big sewer rats were basically eating through them at the post office. Fuckin’ nasty! True New York Stank!