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Heath Ledger Directed Joker Scenes in DK

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If you’ve seen The Dark Knight, you likely know we’re talking about the scenes that show the Joker issuing threats and warnings through recordings done with a camcorder. 


The most recognizable line to come from these scenes is when the Joker says "Tonight, people are going to die." Chris Nolan trusted Heath Ledger with these so much that he wasn’t even present during some of the last shootings of the scenes. 

Ledger shot and directed them almost completely by himself. The first video had a bit more help. The lighting guy and the sound guys came in to set everything up, but ultimately Nolan was so impressed that after the first shoot he handed the camera to Ledger and said “do whatever you want.” 


Apparently, Ledger got so into it that every single take he did was different from the last. In making The Dark Knight, Nolan didn’t want to make a bland sequel and strived to only do what works.

So devoted was Nolan to this film that there isn’t a single deleted scene. He only shot scenes that had at least three reasons to be in the film to ensure that everything would be equally important and nothing would waste time.

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The Real Banksy? Real name: Robert Banks?

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These type of pictures seem to come up from time to time...but could this be the "real" Banksy after all? Something called the Brian Sewell Art Directory claims to know the truth. Search Banksy on Google and this picture is the first thing that comes up. Is it fake? Whats up! 


from Brian Swell Art Directory: 



"Banksy Revealed! We have an exclusive official picture of Robert Banks.Unlike Peter Dean Rickards dodgy fake pictures, we have had this picture

verified and can confirm it is Banksy!"

real name: 



source: Brian Swell

The Government Protects You

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Alysha Nett + Bridget Blonde

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Two of my favorites - Alysha Nett and Bridget Blonde hangin' out somewhere in CA. Love these girls! 

The Truth about Democrats?

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Gun Control Talk is Cheap!

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The gun control debate rises anew in the wake of another mass shooting, but mental health treatment should receive the same critical attention and maybe more.


We're past the point of reversing our nation's gun culture, but it's not too late to better handle the psychological problems often at the root of such senseless violence. We need to ask some serious questions about how we treat the mentally ill, how we pay for that care and how we change a dismissive attitude toward a problem that can be solved. We can start with our elected officials. Do something about it! 



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Beetlejuice had Herpes

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Quickie: Quick Dating Advice for Dudes

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  Be willing to change, but only for yourself.


It really is a numbers game. Play the numbers, roll with the punches. It’s a roller coaster, ups and downs, baby. "When you’re up, it’s never as good as it seems and when you’re down it seems like you’ll never get up again." You will.


 "Good things come to those that wait". Not this time. Good things come to those that act. The 3-second rule works on many levels.


 In general, it is bad form to apologize. For anything. You can admit you were wrong, you can offer to make things right, but don’t apologize.


There is no such thing as overconfidence. There is such a thing as taking yourself too seriously, however.


 Do not ask permission to do or say anything. Never ask a woman if you can kiss them, hug them, hold them, etc.


  Agreeable is boring.


  Jealousy is a "let’s just be friends" best friend.


. Never ask questions that are designed to find out what she thinks of you.


 A fireplace is a worthwhile investment.


You must lead. Even if you don’t know where you’re going. Make it an adventure. Take her hand and lead.


  Life isn’t fair and dating is a part of life. Dating, dealing with women, isn’t and isn’t supposed to be fair. Get over it.


A woman will test you and keep on testing you. Don’t get too comfortable. Stay on your toes.



Screw The FED

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Woman Brainwashed while treating Eating Disorder

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Brooke Taylor, of St Louis, Missouri, spent three months as an in-patient at Castlewood Treatment Centre to treat an eating disorder in 2010. She claims she was brainwashed there. She said: 'I like to use the word "bully" when I refer to individuals that work there. They make you believe that they have all the answers.'A lot of demons were put in my head.'


Ms Taylor is the third woman to sue Castlewood.Lisa Nasseff and Leslie Thompson, both from Minnesota, took separate legal action against the centre and psychologist Mark Schwartz, claiming they had false memories planted during sessions to treat eating disorders.

Ms Taylor claims Castlewood staff hypnotised her and that she was over-medicated.

A previous lawsuit filed by another inpatient claimed Castlewood psychologist Mark Schwartz  brainwashed her into believing she was a member of a satanic cult.


According to her lawsuit, staff caused her 'to become increasingly isolated from her family by leading her to believe that a family member had been and would continue to sexually abuse her and force her to engage in horrific acts of abuse'. A spokesman for Castlewood told STLToday.com that the lawsuit claims are 'spurious'.

A statement said: 'This lawsuit simply piggybacks on publicity generated by earlier false and outrageous allegations. We will defend this case vigorously, confident that the facts will underscore Castlewood's professionalism and excellence in patient care.'

Ms Nasseff's lawsuit, filed last year, claimed her psychologist Mark Schwartz brainwashed her into believing she was a member of a satanic cult.She sued Schwartz and Castlewood for $1million for implanting false memories in her mind under hypnosis.

Ms Nasseff allegedly believed she had multiple personalities and had participated in satanic acts, including the ritualistic eating of babies.

She spent 15 months at the centre, starting in 2007 where she received treatment for anorexia, according to the complaint.


Psychologists brainwashed a woman into believing she had been sexually abused and had multiple personalities, according to a lawsuit.

Brooke Taylor, of St Louis, Missouri, spent three months as an in-patient at Castlewood Treatment Centre to treat an eating disorder in 2010.

She claims staff there falsely led her to believe she was apart of a Satanic cult and had been the victim of sexual abuse as a child.

Source: Daily Mail