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Hate Your Negative Shit!

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Keep Shit Simple

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Blind Date Gets Robbed In New York

Posted 2012-04-09 20:33:37 Views: 3,778

A woman who went looking for love ended up looking for a missing wallet and iPhone after a bad blind date.


It happened at a Lower East Side bar on Friday, March 9, 2012.The New York City Police Department says the 50-year-old woman went on a date with the man after meeting him on the internet.


They say after leaving him at the subway station at 2nd Ave. and E. Houston St., the woman noticed that her wallet and iPhone were missing.


The sticky-fingered Casanova was described as a black man, 25-30 years old, 6'1" and approximately 165 pounds. The victim says the man had corn rows.

Police released a photo of the suspect in hopes that someone can identify him, and supply his real name.  He told his date his name was Hayden.



It gets lonely in the big city. So lonely and busy that women and men are starting to flock over to dating sites in droves. It's hard out there, last thing you want is to get robbed from your blind date. Crazy! Story is from

Children Writing Letters

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Funny Little Kid


Ha, these are so funny they almost have to be fake. Okay, that or I just haven't had kids yet so I don't know the extremely hilarious and borderline threatening letters children can write. Here are a small group of funny letters kids wrote to their parents and relatives.   

Some Good Ones:


Dear tooth fairy,

I lost my tooth on 23rd of October. Now it is Nov 12. I lost my tooth in pizza. I lost both today. You owe me $1.00. Not to be hard but I need money.





Never put nature aside for ‘telivision’. You burned my feelings today. And I am warning you never to do what you did today again.

Embrace Every Opportunity

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You don't wait for an opportunity, you make it. 

Paintings Inspired by Garbage Pail Kids (Luis Diaz)

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Luis Diaz has worked as an illustrator and graphic designer for TV, web, print and interactive for over 10 years.  Some clients include IDW Publishing, Devils Due, The Topps Company, Univision Network, FanTapper, Bang Productions, Miami New Times, New York City's The Village Voice, Education Weekly and the World Wrestling Entertainment.  His work has been seen in Corel Painter Magazine,BLUECANVAS,  Ballistic's Exposé and Spectrum Fantastic Art Annuals.  Diaz also created over 40 paintings for the new Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages. He was named one of 'Six Artist You Need To Know' by CITY LINK Magazine in 2008 and named 'Artist of the Month' by ImagineFX Magazine (Issue 56).  Diaz is a graduate from The Maryland Institute, College of Art.  He shares his studio with artist Liza Sylvestre.




Truth About Math

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Even Andy Warhol Was Rejected

Posted 2012-04-06 15:59:52 Views: 3,983

"Those who reject you today could be regretting their decision tomorrow…What you do after you fall down determines all."































Remember, rejection is one of the greatest things to make you perfect all you do. It makes you strong and everyone great has been rejectioned more times then they could count, that's what made them great...they did not give up. 

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Something Else To Remember....

Don't Say What You Don't Mean

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Futurism: Google Glasses

Posted 2012-04-05 12:34:58 Views: 3,690

We first heard rumors about Google's augmented reality glasses a few months ago, and now in a post on Google Plus, the company revealed "Project Glass" along with some early concepts and prototype designs. These specs look like the freaky science fiction concept they are. Would you wear them, though?


Watch this video of what the world would look like from behind these glasses. It's like Iron Man except instead of important world-saving information you're answering your friend's text messages and learning about delays on the subway. The Google[x] team that's working on the project says they've opened it up to the public to solicit ideas about what people actually want from a set of augmented reality specs.


From what we can see in the video, Google Glasses basically seem like a smartphone notification system that allows you to respond to notifications in with your voice. Without actually trying the glasses on, the experience seems like something not only useful, but enjoyable. People might actually wear them if they can get over how nerdy they look.

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Via: Gizmodo

Imagine a labtop on your face. It's reality!