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   By Sam Ortiz

   How big was the largest moth you’ve ever seen?
   The largest moth in North America is the cecropia. These moths are part of the silk moth family and can be anywhere from five to six inches in wingspan. Cecropias are said to be common, but you may not see them often because they are nocturnal.
   Their wings are a grayish-brown color with the base of their forewings being the same red color as their bodies and having an orange stripe near the edge and an orange teardrop shape closer to the center. The edge of the forewing has a wavy white line and a black circle.
   The hindwings of the cecropia look very similar except for the absence of the black dot and a white stripe directly above the orange one.
   Its antennae are, just as all moths’ are, feathered. The body of the cecropia is a bright red color accented with white and dotted with black down the sides of its furry-looking abdomen.
   Moths are commonly known to have scales on their wings, but what about that fur you see on some kinds’ bodies? This “fur” is actually just more scales. Research has shown that these scales can absorb sound and allow them a better chance against predators that use echolocation, like bats.
   However, even if a cecropia manages to avoid death by bat, it won’t live for long. Cecropias can only eat when they are caterpillars. Cecropias, and a few other kinds of moths, lose their mouth during their metamorphosis. Cecropias cannot eat and can only live for about two weeks.
   In those two weeks that a cecropia is fully grown, it only has one objective: to find a mate. Cecropias can lay up to 100 eggs in a batch, though most won’t survive until adulthood.
   Cecropia caterpillars right after they hatch are black. As they go on and molt a few times, they grow in size and eventually change colors to green. Then, when they are ready, they spin their cocoon and begin the cycle again.
   The life of a cecropia may not be very long, but these beautiful bugs are much more than the stereotype of the ugly and plain-looking moth everybody knows.
  Beware of the Cecropias!

Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween 2022!

Red Ribbon Week 10/24- 10/28

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Tome Raiders Repeat!

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     In a move reminiscent of the mid-eighties Lakers, the Morrisville Tome Raiders repeated their place ranking during the 2022 Reading Olympics competition.
    Led by team captain Aisha Moundir, the Tome Raiders cemented their place in annals of Reading Olympics' history.
    "She is pretty much the James Worthy of the team," said co-advisor Ken Kelman.
     The team competed in a Kahoot style question format, vanquishing their opponents, like the Lakers smashed the Celtics in 1984.
     "It was a total team victory," said co-advisor, Traci Coley. "The students knew their stuff."
     The students hope to earn a Three-peat next year under the leadership of new captain, Olvia Bielawski.



Summer Reading Book Fair

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     First Annual Summer Reading Book Fair

By Jade Perry
       On Wednesday, June 8 and Thurday June 9,, all students 5-11 grades of Morrisville were given the opportunity to select their own book for this year’s summer reading assignment.
      A book fair was set up in the media center with various donated books for the students to pick from. While students are permitted to keep their book permanently, returning their summer reading book for future students will get them extra credit on the summer reading assignment next year, making a great way to start off the year with a head start!
       Many students had positive things to say about the book fair. 
       Haris Qazi said “The book fair is a very inspiring place.”. 
      “I think the book fair is very helpful because we get to pick what we read.” Casandra Ulysse said when asked her opinion on the book fair.
      While the book fair idea was generally well received by students, it was not without its critics. According to Amya Pathirana, “[The book fair] is the most ridiculous thing ever, we are too old for this.”
      Eric Sewell also had more to add, “The book fair was like rain: once you go in it doesn’t get better.”
     "It is a nice thing to do," said Kaylee Searle 
     Jon Gilkeson added that the book fair was very delicious. 
      The book fair offered students with a lot of freedom of choice over what they read for the summer, and the book fair assignment itself is even more open, giving the students several options as to what assignment they can complete about their chosen book. 
     From writing a rap about their book, to illustrating a comic of key scenes, the students of Morrisville Middle/Senior High School are given the choice to select the assignment that works best for them. Many students are sure to enjoy their newfound freedom of choice in this year’s summer reading project

Middle School Gym Day

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Anything But a Backpack!

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Twins Day 2022

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BULldog Week 2022:  Twins Day

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  Fun Facts to 
Help You Seem Interesting at
By Sam Ortiz

Fun Fact Many people mistakenly think plutoids and dwarf planets are the same thing. 
Plutoids are a subcategory of dwarf planets. Plutoids are dwarf planets that are farther than Neptune in the solar system. Ceres is in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, so Ceres fits the criteria for being a dwarf planet, but not the one for being a plutoid
Fun fact: Every part of a shoe has a name.
You’ve probably heard of a shoe’s soles and tongues or maybe even it’s eyelets. From a shoe’s collar to it’s eyestay, every part of a shoe’s anatomy has a nam
Fun fact: The only difference between perfume and cologne is its concentration.
There’s different categories for scents you apply to yourself based on its concentration. These categories are Eau Fraiche, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, and Perfume (or parfum) with Eau Fraiche being the least concentrated and Perfume being the most concentrated. The amount of time the scent lasts is determined by its concentration.
Fun fact: There are different tiers of Barbies.
arbies are categorized into “Labels”. First, there are the dolls meant for play. These dolls do not have limited numbers and they are not labeled. Next, there’s the pink and black label Barbies. They also do not have limited numbers. Pink label barbies are keepsake barbies, like Holiday or Birthday Barbies. Black label Barbies are meant for older collectors. Next, there’s the Silver and Gold labels. Silver Label barbies are limited to only 50,000 dolls, and Gold Label Barbies are limited to just 25,000 Barbies made. Platinum Label Barbies are the rarest of them all. The Platinum Label limits each Barbie to less than 1000 dolls made. Platinum Label Barbies can go from anywhere between $200 to $2000. Official One-of-a-kind Barbies are included in the Platinum label like Barbie by Stefano Canturi, a doll with multiple real diamonds on it, which sold for $302,500.
Fun fact: Some dog breeds don’t exist anymore.
Lots of dog breeds like the Blue Paul Terrier and the Cumberland Sheepdog have stopped existing. They could’ve gone extinct for some factors that aren’t related to humans or simply because they weren’t very popular.
Fun fact: The reason why bubblegum is pink is because that’s the only colour the creator had.
The creator of bubble gum only had red food colouring on hand. When added to the gum, it became pink.
Fun fact: Cranberries grow on vines.
Cranberries grow on vines in places called cranberry bogs.
Fun fact: Professional crayons exist.
Lots of artists use crayons in their work. The crayons artists use are different from kid’s crayons because of their formula. Artist’s crayons are more expensive and they’re made to be able to blend colours evenly.
Fun fact: The world’s smallest flowering plant is the size of a sprinkle.
The Wolffia Globosa, also known as duckweed, is the world’s smallest flowering plant.
Fun fact: The Times New Roman font was designed for a newspaper.
The Times New Roman font was specifically designed for a newspaper. It was later adapted to suit longer texts like books.

Claudete Colvin

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            Claudette Colvin: The Fifteen-              Year-Old Civil Rights Pioneer
By Jade Perry
     In 1955, two African-American women famously refused to give up their seats to white passengers in Montgomery, Alabama. 
     One of those women was Rosa Parks, a name everyone recognizes as one of the most influential leaders of the civil rights movement, and for her significant role in the Montgomery bus boycott of 1955. 
     The other name is lesser known: Claudette Colvin.
     While many people believe that Rose Parks was the first black woman to refuse to give up her seat, that simply isn’t true. Claudette Colvin was the first, refusing to give up her seat just nine months before Parks, and doing so at the age of fifteen.
     Colvin had boarded the Montgomery bus on March 2, 1995. The white section of the bus was filled when a white woman boarded, so the driver told Colvin’s row to stand so the woman could sit. 
     Colvin refused to get up from her seat and had to be pulled off the bus by two police officers. Actual accounts vary on how she acted while being arrested. 
     While some of her classmates claim she fought the cops, Colvin herself says that she went limp and didn't fight back in fear of the cops hurting her. Some sources may say that Colvin was pregnant during the time of her arrest, though this rumor is false. Though Colvin had discovered she was pregnant the summer of that year, she was not during the initial arrest on the bus.
     Claudette Colvin made the same stand Rosa Parks did nine months earlier, but is hardly remembered for it. 
     Colvin and Parks even knew each other, Parks would often let Colvin stay overnight at her house. They both laid the road for civil rights activism in Alabama, working together to get rid of segregation. 
     Both women are incredibly pivotal figures in the civil rights movement and deserve to be remembered for their activism.