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Film Diptych

Posted by Humby | Views: 193
Film Diptych

Neon Arrows

Posted by Humby | Views: 222

Citadel Rooftop

Posted by Humby | Views: 207
Citadel Rooftop

Hot pink

Posted by Humby | Views: 187
Lomo 800

Jail bird

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Kodak Portra 160

Posted by Humby | Views: 203
Kodak PortRA 160 - Two ship cranes in the most incredible sword fight?

Light leak plus plus

Posted by Humby | Views: 210
Double exposure light leak  Cinestill 50D

Film and Freddy's

Posted by Humby | Views: 238
Film and Freddy's Frozen Custard 🚀

Still night

Posted by Humby | Views: 220
Lomo CN 100 

No incandescent

Posted by Humby | Views: 198
Lights: Neon Sign, LED Sign, Fluorescent Bulbs & Color Christmas Lights

Test of time

Posted by Humby | Views: 207
Dust , Scratches & the test of time
The clean, flawless look of digital photos just doesn’t cut it anymore. The test of time spoke and I prefer film. In my quest back into film photography I love dust and scratches and almost never 'fix it' later. If it’s not on someones face, I leave it. It’s not perfect but what is? My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is perfect and that’s all I’ll ever need.

Circle Ramp

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Garage Circle Ramp
Kodak Pro Image 100 film - Nikon FM2n

White weeds

Posted by Humby | Views: 252
Lomo Color Negative 100

Sunsphere Portra

Posted by Humby | Views: 225
Sunsphere - Knoxville, Tennessee on Kodak Portra 400 Film

Double Exposure

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Double Exposure
Double Exposure
Double Exposure
Double Exposure
Double Exposure
Double Exposure

MODERN ART: House Hookups

Posted by Humby | Views: 237
House hookup to the electric grid
It looks so simple but the modern world is built on these wires. Crazy to think without these hooking up to the transformer on the power pole and then down the line to power generation we’d all be sitting in the dark. 

So bad it's good

Posted by Humby | Views: 257
Does this style of architecture have a name? They didn’t even continue with the top edge molding the whole way… Fiat money architecture?

Reflection or double exposure or both?

Posted by Humby | Views: 255
Double Exposure Reflections

Always carry two film cameras

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In my backyard, an orange flower popped up. I went out back and took a color film photo (Lomo Color Negative 100) with my F80s. I remembered that I had  black and white Kentmere 100 film loaded on my other camera, the Nikon F6 (lucky me). 

I photographed the flower in black & white:
Two film cameras
one for color & one for black / white
After I took the photo I kept remembering  other stuff too . I’ve been wanting to use color filters on B/W film.

Black and white film gives a different look depending on the color filter on the lens. I own an orange filter and a blue filter.

I photographed one of each:
Orange filter
The filter is enhancing the color orange and making the flower brighter.
Blue Filter
Blue made the flower darker. It's blocking the orange light! Neat!
I've read a red color filter make the sky look dark and amazing. I'll try and get a red one and give it a go maybe.

Look at that

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Mid-century bathroom remodel photographed on Lomography Color Negative 100 film with the Nikon F80s and the Voigtlander 40mm f/2 lens.
Well, look at that!