Use your own domain name

1. Use your domain or buy a new one.

Your own domain name lets you automatically direct your visitors to your Ownzee website without them seeing Ownzee. They will see your domain name in the web browser's address bar.

For example:

If you already have a domain, great. If you need a new one, Godaddy usually has good deals. $7.49 .com Domain Sale!

2. Change your Registrar DNS settings

Make a change with your domain Registrar on how you want your domain to work.
(Your do this where you bought your domain name. ie

If you want:

A Record  
Host Points to

If you want: or or etc

Host Points to

This change sometimes takes up to 72 hours to update across the internet, but sometimes it’s as fast as 30 mins. Really just depends.

3. Wait for your domain to point to Ownzee

Once your domain points to Ownzee you’ll see a page like this:

4. Add your domian in the Ownzee settings page

Go to your settings page and add your domain