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The MAD Magazine Office Visit!

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My good friend Jessica is someone I’ve known since highschool. We graduated in the same class, etc. She contacted me the other day about her visit with to the Mad Magazine Offices! See, what you don’t know about Jessica is…her grandfather was one of the legendary Usual Gang of Idiots! Yes, her grandfather is Antonio Prohías. Who was most famous for creating Spy vs Spy. She said she will invite me next time she goes to the offices. I am looking forward to it. But, till then you can enjoy these photos as much as I have. Seeing these made it totally nostalgic for me. I still have a bunch of Mad Magazines in my closet. There are a few things that will always have a close place to my heart, and Mad is one of them. I’m sure thousands feel the same way I do.


Wow, the lobby. How cool is that?

What Me Worry?

I love Jack Davis. One of my favorites.

Talk about collectiable heaven.

This is so dope. Black Spy Headquarters!!