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John Richardson's jackets

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Tonight was a big night. It was the opening of the new Picasso exhibit at Gagosian,Picasso and Marie-Thérèse L’amour fou. The line was down the block and most people that came had to wait for at least 45 minutes. I lied to the door people and tried to tell them I was Manolo Valdes's grandson. Who happens to be one of the most imporant painters from Spain.


Anyway, once inside it was filled with Picasso's that are dismissed by the museum establishment. Well this show looked like a damn museum. I saw Picasso's friend John Richardson, who is a legend Biographer/Curator of the exhibit who continues to produce the book series “Life of Picasso.” He stopped me, reached out his hand, I shook it.  He smiled and told me how much he liked my jacket. I was stunned. As you can see we enjoy the same type of jackets. It was a pleasant experience. I started getting into a nice conversation with someone from the National Gallery of London and then everybody started getting kicked out. Picasso wins again from the grave, via John Richardson and Larry Gagosian.