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Boycott China: Let ai weiwei go!

The Chinese government hasn't really been too excited with what artist/activist Ai Weiwei has been doing for a while.  They have been watching him and this was just bound to happen. His art and activism has been critical of China. He has now been detained and nobody knows where he is or how to contact him. This is totally disgusting. Don't trust China. It does not respect basic human rights and there is no free expression. Don't buy anything from them. They have crappy products anyway. We need more jobs here  at home. We need artists in the world that have soft power. They should have a voice. Please stand with Ai Weiweni and don't support anything made by this communist piece of shit country. 


Please look up more info from the media and get involved somehow. They can't scare the young artists in China. The will in saying what you want or express it can never be surpressed.