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I Met Kembra Pfahler

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Kembra Pfahler

Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black

Ever since I moved to the NY area I've heard more and more about Kembra Pfahler. She is a performance artist, glam cult rock musican and actress. I got to meet her last week and it was quite interesting. She's very funny and striking. The more I saw of her the more I wasn't sure if I was a little disturbed or fasinated. She's most famous for her band Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. Her and her bandmates are painted bright colors and in the nude! They also sport huge wigs and there is some blackmetal/satanic imagery from what I've seen of their stage shows. But, again what the hell does that mean anyway.  It's a sight to be seen. I was supposed to go to one of her shows on Halloween but I missed it. I will be sure to see it next time.

I thought this was pretty cool. Watch as Kembra Pfahler directs her Florence ballet dancers for last-minute auditions in the gardens, witness Haim Steinbachs precision as he constructs an installation of Proenza Schouler accessories in the foyer, and walk with Art Production Funds Yvonne Force Villareal as she places Kalup Linzys photographs against the villas fa├žade.