Miami artist and co-founder of Ownzee
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Cat Dove, artist.

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With a beautiful name like Cat Dove you would expect a girl who is interested in equally beautiful things. But the Miami artist is more into fusing the nice with the not so nice: "I think all my work has elements of the serenely beautiful and the insanely ugly, which I first observed growing up here," Dove says. Influenced by her environment and own psyche, Dove's work is expressed through photos, collage, and performance art. Since moving back from London, where she studied at the University of the Arts, her work has begun to incorporate all three mediums.

Miami itself is a significant factor in Dove's work. The artist finds that the binary between ugly and beautiful is representative of the city's aesthetic. Dove's dumpster collaboration, The General, conveys her infatuation with just that. Partnering with Kyle Chapman, the two artists used epoxy and a variety of fabrics to transform one of Miami's finest dumpsters into a structure containing more navy blue fringe than most fabric stores.


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Check out my friend and emerging artist from Miami starting to create more visablity down in the dirty dirty.