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Launch and Grand Opening of JugoFresh

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Stay Fresh for Life. Party begins for the granding opening launch of JugoFresh at the flagship storefront on South Beach. Enjoy everything juicy and tasty bites. 


Live art by KIKI VALDES

1935 West Ave.(located on 20th between Alton Rd. and West Ave) 



































































A Note: 

Hey everyone, 

My good friend Matt Sherman opened up this great organic juice spot called JugoFresh. It's amazing. As a matter of fact, I use to help Matt make juice in his south beach apartment when he was first starting out!! 

They are having a launch private party on Friday, April 20th. 
Matt and the gang have invited me and are flying me down to live action paint for the launch! I hope I can see you and you can discover what JugoFresh is all about. These guys and girls make amazing juice. I'm very proud of them and I think you will be too. 

I hope you can make it! Please RSVP 

- Kiki Valdes

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