Miami artist and co-founder of Ownzee
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Ownzee Article in Business Insider

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We get a write up in Business Insider. Word?

Tumblrprovided a simple way to make pretty blogs. seeks to go one step further in design-based blogging, the artist/company co-founder Kiki Valdes told us over the phone on Wednesday afternoon.


Better yet, Valdes and his co-founder brother are finding some success in turning a site that facilitates easy, beautiful blogging into a real business.


After the pair's initial idea,, proved to be too much effort with little monetary return, they launched the new venture.


For $5 per month or $45 per year people can use the site to simply and easily build blog posts, which can be posted on or sent to a personal blog. Users can upload and scale photos, chose from over 20 fonts, move around content, and more to create virtually whatever they can imagine.

This "Design-Based Blogging" Tool

Is A Meme-Maker On Steroids