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Liv Tyler finds the thought of appearing nude on screen "terrifying".


The 33-year-old star appeared topless in 1996's critically acclaimed drama Stealing Beauty.

But she hasn't appeared nude on screen again until her new film The Ledge, which is out in American later this month.


The steamy thriller features Liv in a series of clinches alongside Patrick Wilson and Charlie Hunnam.


Liv, daughter of Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler, plays a former drug addict who befriends Charlie's suicidal atheist.


Liv's decision to disrobe once more may surprise some after she admitted she bitterly fought against appearing topless in Stealing Beauty.


"I was like, 'No way, sorry,'" she is quoted as saying by Fox News. "Of course the thought of showing your body parts is a terrifying thought - I find it terrifying. Let alone the whole world. And I fought it until the very end."


While she eventually lost her argument, her performance in Bernardo Bertolucci 's film earned her rave reviews and shot her to stardom.

Liv Tyler Does Nude Scene in New Film

Actress Liv Tyler hasn't done a nude scene since 1996. She goes forward and drops some clothes in the new film "The Ledge. "

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