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Kiki Valdes Joins Michael Margulies Artist Agency

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MIAMI, FL (Feb 14th 2012)  - The Michael Margulies Artist Agency announced expressionist painter, Kiki Valdes, as the newest addition to its roster of artists. Margulies considers Valdes as a step in an exciting new direction that will provide an additional level of diversity amongst the agency’s artists. Kiki is the first expressionist painter to be represented by the agency. 


“Kiki is going to appeal to a new genre of clients attracted to expressionist painting - a style that is more about the moment and intentions rather than the execution,” says Michael Margulies. “It’s a different way of looking at art that a lot of people can identify with. Kiki is very talented and we are happy to be a part of his career.”



“I've always been uncomfortable when art is talked about more than just looking at it. Laughter, tears or in awe is paintings best language.”

- Kiki Valdes 


Based in New York, Valdes is a Cuban-American who's work explores the multidimensional complexities of people, religion, American-life, sex, and superstition. His canvases tend to overlap on top of various unresolved paintings and capture a sense of association, rhythm and conflict. The work can best be described as a marriage between abstract expressionism, cartoons and Caribbean folklore. 


Based in Miami, the Michael Margulies Artist Agency specializes in the representation and marketing of contemporary artists, as well as Artist estates. The agency collaborates with galleries, art fairs, museums, and other art institutions to present the utmost awareness of its art catalog while operating with an unconventional business model. For more information, visit or email




New World School of the Arts Logo Mystery

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Something To Think About


The logo on the left is of the high school I went to in Miami, New World School of the Arts. The other day I was looking at my old dusty year book (class of 2000) and I saw something I never really noticed before. Is it me or does the school logo look almost exactly like the design from Clockwork Orange?  Is this a coincidence? Considering that the school is made up of creatives I find it very likely that Clockwork helped out/inspired the designer with the final school logo. Badass. 


Clockwork in the New World Order. 




Launch and Grand Opening of JugoFresh

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Stay Fresh for Life. Party begins for the granding opening launch of JugoFresh at the flagship storefront on South Beach. Enjoy everything juicy and tasty bites. 


Live art by KIKI VALDES

1935 West Ave.(located on 20th between Alton Rd. and West Ave) 



































































A Note: 

Hey everyone, 

My good friend Matt Sherman opened up this great organic juice spot called JugoFresh. It's amazing. As a matter of fact, I use to help Matt make juice in his south beach apartment when he was first starting out!! 

They are having a launch private party on Friday, April 20th. 
Matt and the gang have invited me and are flying me down to live action paint for the launch! I hope I can see you and you can discover what JugoFresh is all about. These guys and girls make amazing juice. I'm very proud of them and I think you will be too. 

I hope you can make it! Please RSVP 

- Kiki Valdes

Further Info: 

Face-Time (2012)

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Oil on canvas (2012) 

I've been doing cartoon based drawings with india ink for the past year. This is my first attempt at this new form of painting for me. It's a mixture of expressionism and cartoon imagery from my childhood. I stopped painting women in the traditional sense and started using something more playful and nostalgic to pull new viewers into some of the same type of issues and themes I’ve been experimenting with for the past 5 years.  


Kiki Valdes

Erasing Boogie from 2010

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"Erasing Boogie" 

Kiki Valdes - Oil, acyrlic on canvas. 

I found this photo of this painting I did a few years ago. It was a painting I was working on then I started layering it with older paintings and ideas I never finished, basically in some ways I resolved this painting with previous ideas from other works and studies. 

Kiki Valdes Painting In Bogota

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painting in Bogota, Colombia for Social Media Week. Here are photos of the process of the painting being created.

Kiki Valdes - 9 Muses

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Another cool picture by David Cabrea.  

I love this guy. He pretty much captures

really important phases of my artistic development. Check out his work.

This was taken at our show THE OUTSIDERS. 


Some Face-Time (Kiki Valdes + Valissa Yoe)

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in front of the painting "Face-Time" 2012. The painting was featured during THE OUTSIDERS group show from Jan. Photo by David Cabrera

Kiki Valdes Confronted by Stephen Marley

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 "A Little Bird Told Me" 2012

Painted this at a benefit for Pincrest Gardens with private concert by Stephen Marley. Mr. Marley confronted me about the painting wanting to know what it means. He put me on the spot in a way that made me speechless. I was not expecting a musician to question my actions as a painter. But then again he’s a Marley….a legend. 

- KV

Being a Radical - Jose Marti

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"A genuine man goes to the roots. To be a radical is no more than that: to go to the roots."

- Jose Marti